Sal - EP

Sal - EP


Sal is here and it’s ready to kick you right in your sad button! In true “me” fashion I set out to write a bunch of happy songs and ended up with a break-up/emotional vent album. But there’s a silver lining! This album single handedly shifted my sound from Pop to Electronic and set in motion a genre rebranding. So that’s cool, I guess?

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about sal

album credits

  • Artwork by Doc Arza

  • Lyrics and Music Production: D. Proesch

  • Vocals: D.Proesch

  • Recorded and Mixed at mnml:SLC

  • Mastering Provided by eMastered

album facts

  • Sal means salt in Spanish, which is very fitting for this album because it’s a salty one

  • It was supposed to be followed up with a second EP called Azúcar that was full of “best life after breakup” songs

  • The first single from said follow up was ‘One More Night’

  • You can find all the instrumentals on my Patreon