Neon Jungle - Single

Neon Jungle - Single


Did you miss me? I’m back with a new project called OSITO, I used to be known as Dylan Grimm, and I’m gearing up for a new year of releases with Neon Jungle. It’s a synthwave/80s infused sexy adventure so get your ears ready.

Neon Jungle is available exclusively through the OSITO website.

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about neon jungle

album credits

  • Lyrics and Production by D. Proesch

  • Mixed at mnml:SLC

  • Mastering provided by eMastered


album facts

  • I took this off of streaming sites because I wasn’t happy with my vocals, later regretted it, and then got too lazy to put it back up….anywhere else outside of here

  • This isn’t the original artwork. It was changed because the OG art didn’t quite match the feel of the song.